March 26 in Pop Culture History

March 26 in Pop Culture History

1169 – Saladin became the emir of Egypt.

1812 – A political cartoon in the Boston Gazette coined the term “gerrymander” (named after Governor Elbridge Gerry) to describe oddly shaped electoral districts designed to help incumbents win reelection.

1872 (Earthquake) Owens Valley, California killed 30 people.

1895 – The Phantoscope, an early motion picture projector that enlarged film images for viewing by large groups, was patented (#536,569) by Charles Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat.

1916 – Robert Stroud (The Birdman of Alcatraz) stabbed and killed a prison guard in Leavenworth Kansas. He was sentenced to Alcatraz for the murder.

1920 – This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald was published.

1930 – The Book of Mormon was published in Palmyra, New York.

1953 – Dr. Jonas Salk announced that he had successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes polio.

1955 – # 1 Hit March 26, 1955 – April 29, 1955: Bill HayesThe Ballad Of Davy Crockett

1977 – #1 Hit March 26, 1977 – April 8, 1977: Daryl Hall and John OatesRich Girl

1988 – #1 Hit March 26, 1988 – April 8, 1988: Michael JacksonMan in the Mirror

1993 – The last new episode of The Family Feud with host Ray Combs aired

1997 – After the 1995 discovery of the comet Hale-Bopp, 39 members of the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ cult committed suicide to more quickly join the aliens on the ‘other side’ of the comet.

1999 – The ‘Melissa worm’ infected Microsoft word processing and e-mail systems.

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