April 14, National Pecan Day

PeakannussNational Pecan Day is actually celebrated twice every year, once in March and on April 14th.  The April date is a bit more appropriate because it is also Pecan Month.

I think the first thing to do is discuss is how the word pecan is actually pronounced.  Pe is pronounced like Pit and can is pronounced like con so you phonetically pronounce it picon.  To pronounce the other way PeaCan would sound like something guys would use when they is driving down the highway and have to use the bathroom and there is none around.

The Pecan is not actually a nut, though most people consider it one.  The Pecan in actuality is a fruit like the cherry and is known as a drupe.  A drupe has a single stone or pit and is surrounded by a husk.  It is actually the stone that we eat.

Pecans have a rich buttery taste and a smooth texture.  They work well in a vinaigrette dressing or as part of a sauce for a fruit based dessert.  Butter Pecan Ice Cream was at one time a very popular flavor in The United States.

Pecans can be enjoyed is many different ways.  They are great in ice cream and pies.  Pecans be used crushed and added to other ingredients to make a buttery cheese cake crust.  They can be used as dessert toppings as well as the ever popular pecan pie.

Nutritionally pecans are quite good for you.  They are a rich source of dietary fiber, protein and B vitamins. Calcium iron and magnesium are also present in these nutty drupes.

So celebrate National Pecan Day.  Go out and buy some of these delectable drupes and toss them in your salad or throw them on your ice cream or bake them in a pie.  You’ll be glad you did.

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