January 19 in Pop Culture History

19January 19 in Pop Culture History
1825 – The US patent (#X004009) for food storage in cans to “preserve animal substances in tin” was issued to Ezra Daggett and his nephew Thomas Kensett of New York City.

1839 – The British East India Company captures Aden, Yemen. There have not been many companies that could claim “capturing” an area.

1883 – Thomas Edison, using overhead wires, began serving electricity to the residents of Roselle, New Jersey.

1915 – A US patent (#1125476) was issued to George Claude of Paris titled a “System of Illuminating by Luminescent Tubes” an early neon sign.

1920 – The United States Senate voted against joining the League of Nations.

1937 – Howard Hughes set a record by flying from Los Angeles to New York City in seven hours, 28 minutes, 25 seconds.

1953 – Lucy had a baby, and over 70% of every TV in the country watched ‘I Love Lucy’

1977 – President Ford pardoned WWII siren Tokyo Rose (Iva Toguri D’Aquino)

1977 – Snow fell in Miami and The Bahamas. It was the only time in recorded history that it happened, and a sure sign of a coming ice age (global cooling), scientists believed.

1978 – Volkswagen Beetles stopped being produced in Germany.

1981 – Buffy Summers’ Birthday

1988 – CBS’s ’48 Hours’ debuted.

1989 – President Ronald Reagan pardoned George Steinbrenner for illegal campaign contributions for Richard Nixon.

1990 – Tremors was released in theaters.

1993 – FOX expanded their prime-time line-up to seven days a week.

1996 – From Dusk Till Dawn was released in theaters.

2007 – The Hitcher debuted in theaters.

2012 – The Hong Kong-based file-sharing website Megaupload was shut down by the FBI.

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