January 31 in Pop Culture History

31January 31 in Pop Culture History
1865 – Congress passed the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in America.

1906 (Earthquake) Coastal Ecuador

1922 (Earthquakes) Eureka, Oregon & San Francisco, California

1958 – The United States launched its first successful orbiting satellite, Explorer-I.

1961 – The United States launched a 4-year-old male chimpanzee named Ham on a Mercury-Redstone 2 rocket into test suborbital flight. Ham landed safely about 17 minutes later.

1986 – Down and Out in Beverly Hills was released in theaters.

1988 – The Wonder Years premiered on ABC

1992 – ABC Sportscaster Howard Cosell retired.

1993 – The Super Bowl which was broadcast on NBC featured Michael Jackson marking the first time there was ever a solo performer during the show.

1997 – Star Wars (Special Edition) was released in theaters.

1999 – Family Guy premiered on Fox

2004 – You Got Served debuted in theaters.

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