January 5 in Pop Culture History

05January 5 in Pop Culture History
1889 – The word hamburger first appeared in print in the Walla Walla Union, a Walla Walla, Washington, newspaper.

1905 – The National Association of Audubon Society incorporated.

1914 – The Ford Motor Company announced an eight-hour workday and that it would pay a “living wage” of at least $5 for a day’s labor.

1933 – San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge construction began

1945 – Pepe LePew debuted in Warner Brother’s “Odor-able Kitty”

1949 – President Harry S Truman labeled his administration the “Fair Deal”

1957 – Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson retired rather than be traded to New York Giants

1971 – Former boxing heavyweight champion “Sonny” Liston’s (36) corpse found (he probably died Dec 30, 1970)

1998 – Vandals decapitated Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid

1970 – All My Children premiered on ABC

1991 – Blossom debuted on NBC

1995 – Daytime soap opera All My Children celebrated its 25th anniversary

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