May 1 in Pop Culture History


May 1 in Pop Culture History
May 1 is Law Day, begun in 1958. “A national day set aside to celebrate the rule of law. Law Day underscores how law and the legal process have contributed to the freedoms that all Americans share.”

526 (Earthquake) Antioch, Byzantine Empire (Turkey)

1707 – The Act of Union joined the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain.

1759 – Josiah Wedgwood founded the Wedgwood pottery company in Great Britain.

1776 – The Original Illuminati was an Enlightenment-era secret society in Bavaria created on May 1st 1776, The society’s goals were to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power, and to support women’s education and gender equality.

1849 – The telegraph register was patented (#6,420) by Samuel F. B.Morse.

1851 -The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations opened in Hyde Park, London, England.

1888 – Nikola Tesla was issued several patents (#381,968, #381,969, #381,970; #382,279, #381,980, #381,981, #381,982) relating to the induction magnetic motor, alternating current (AC) synchronous motor, AC transmission and electricity distribution.

1899 – Bayer introduced aspirin in powder form, in Germany. The pill came about in 1915.

1926 – Ford Motor Company became one of the first companies in America to adopt a five-day, 40-hour week for workers in its automotive factories.

1931 – The Empire State Building in New York City was dedicated by President Hoover from the White House in Washington DC.

1945 – Hitler was announced dead to the world on May 1, 1945. Exactly 66 years later, in 2011, Osama bin Laden was also announced dead.

1945 – Until this year, every lease in NYC used to expire on May 1st at 9am*, forcing everyone in the city to move out at the exact same time. *May 2nd if the 1st was a Sunday.

1947 – Evelyn McHale leapt to her death from the observation deck of the Empire State Building and landed on a limousine. A photography student took a picture of McHale minutes after her death.

1951 – Great Exhibition opened in the Crystal Palace in London with over 10,000 exhibitors.

1958 – The discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts that surround Earth by James Van Allen was published in the Washington Evening Star.

1941 – Citizen Kane debuted at the RKO Palace Theater in New York City.

1960 – American U-2 spy plane shot down over the Soviet Union.

1964 – The BASIC computer program was used for the first time at Dartmouth University by John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz. The name is an acronym for ‘Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code’.

1965 # 1 Hit May 1, 1965 – May 21, 1965: Herman’s HermitsMrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

1976 # 1 Hit May 1, 1976 – May 7, 1976: The Bellamy BrothersLet Your Love Flow

1982 – The 1982 World’s Fair opened in Knoxville, Tennessee.

1983 – V miniseries began broadcasting on NBC.

1986 – The city of Pripyat, Ukraine built an amusement park scheduled to open May 1, 1986, but never opened, being abandoned after the April 26 Chernobyl nuclear disaster a few kilometers away.

1987 – American Ninja II was released in theaters

1989 – Disney/MGM Studios opened at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida, United States.

1993 # 1 Hit May 1, 1993 – May 14, 1993: SilkFreak Me

1999 – Spongebob SquarePants premiered on Nickelodeon after the 1999 Kids’ Choice Awards.

2009 – X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past debuted in theaters

2010 # 1 Hit May 1, 2010 – May 14, 2010: B.o.B featuring Bruno MarsNothin’ on You

2011 – Osama bin Laden was reported killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan.

2015 – Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted in theaters


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