May 17 Is National Pack Rat Day

(PCM) We celebrate National Pack Rat Day each year on May 17 and it is looked at a day to reflect upon many of our hoarding tendencies and is also used as a kick-off date to begin everyone’s favorite task: Spring Cleaning!

It is a time when we can sort through our belongings and question what we really need or use on a day to day basis and begin to get rid of items that are taking up space in the home, so that we can make room for new and more useful items.

Can you tell if you have “pack-rat” tendencies? It is usually a problem that starts out small, but then can very quickly spiral out of control. Many of us feel the need to “hold-on” to many unneeded items “just in case” they may come in handy one day, but majority of the time they probably won’t and end up just cluttering up our homes.

Here is a useful list of things you can do to celebrate National Pack Rat Day:

  1. Survey your home and begin clearing out any unnecessary items. Enlist the help of family and friends if you feel you just can’t part with certain items. Sometimes a second opinion can be a great help if you unsure about certain things. Plus it can be a bonding activity!
  2. Create a keep pile and a donate pile for items such a clothing and toys. It makes the sorting process a whole lot easier. Look in your closet. If you haven’t worn something at least once in the last year it is time to let it go. Just think, more room means an excuse for new clothes!
  3. Keep on the look-out for signs of hoarding behavior. If you feel a friend or loved ones may be suffering from hoarding tendencies look for various resources and try to urge them gently to get some help.
  4. Remember to start off small and not get too overwhelmed. Even the littlest things can make a huge difference.

Share your accomplishments with friends and family online using the hashtag #NationalPackRatDay

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