Patriot’s Day

apatriots-dayPatriot’s Day, surprisingly, is not a national holiday and is only celebrated in three states, Massachusetts, Maine and Wisconsin.  Florida encourages its citizens to celebrate the day but does not make it an official holiday.  In the states that do celebrate the day schools, banks and all other businesses that are regularly closed on holidays are closed.

Patriot’s Day is a remembrance of the first battle of The American Revolution, The battle of Concord and Lexington in 1775.  On this day reenactments of the battle takes place at Lexington Green in Lexington and The Old North Bridge in Concord both in Massachusetts.  In the morning the Midnight ride of Paul Revere and William Dawes is retraced with men mounted on horseback and yelling out the appropriate warnings that ‘the British are coming”.

This day was originally celebrated on April 19th which is the date the battles were actually fought.  But like so many of American Holidays it has been moved to the third Monday of the month of April to give the celebration a 3 three day weekend.

Patriot’s Day also has one other interesting aspect to the day.  On Patriot’s Day The Boston Marathon is run.

There is also a second Patriot’s Day which is recognized by all Americans on September 11th as a remembrance of the attack on The World Trade Center in 2001.  This however is not an official holiday as no businesses are closed.

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