America Recycles Day November 15

Recycling has become a major part of American culture as well as our lifestyle.  With the holidays quickly approaching this is a good time to remind people of the importance of recycling as well as the importance of buying recycled products.  Christmas and Thanksgiving both give us ample extra waste that can be recycled.  Soda bottles and cans, wine and liquor bottles, beer cans and bottles, wrapping paper, boxes, cards, food packaging containers can all be recycled.

Then there are the recycled products.  Look for wrapping paper and greeting cards that are made from recycled paper.  Look for other items, as well, that have been made from anything recycled.  By recycling and using recycled materials we are being both responsible citizens and consumers.

America Recycles Day was started by the National Recycling Coalition in 1997.  In 2009 it became part on the national nonprofit organization Keep America Beautiful.  The whole idea of America Recycles Day is very simple; keep Americans informed of the need to recycle and the need to buy recycle products.  It is actually frightening how the low the percentage of Americans that recycle actually is.  One statistic states that only 23.8% of Americans recycle.  This is mostly because there is no national law that governs recycling and not many individual states that have mandated the necessity to recycle.

It is a responsibility of all Americans to recycle.  We do not own this planet we receive it in trust for the use of future generations.  Recycling is a way of making sure the planet thrives.  There is a lot of talk of going green, as the stewards of the planet it is our honor to do so.