Andy Warhol Self Portrait

Andy made himself into art several times in his career. His most famous is probably this one, from 1986.

Warhol died in New York City at 6:32 am on February 22, 1987, from a sudden post-operative cardiac arrhythmia. Before his coffin was lowered, Paige Powell dropped a copy of Interview magazine, which he co-founded, an Interview T-shirt, and a bottle of the Estee Lauder perfume “Beautiful” into the grave.


The Artists Rights Society is the U.S. copyright representative for the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts for all Warhol works with the exception of Warhol film stills.

The U.S. copyright representative for Warhol film stills is the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts has agreements in place for its image archive. All digital images of Warhol are exclusively managed by Corbis, while all transparency images of Warhol are managed by Art Resource

The Andy Warhol Museum
117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890
Phone: 412-237 8300

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