Blue And Green Music By Georgia O'Keeffe

Blue And Green Music is a painting created by modern artist Georgia O’Keeffe between the years of 1919 and 1921. It was painted by O’Keeffe during her time residing in New York City and depicts the idea that music can be translated into something for the eye. The painting uses colors that are both subtle and bold in order to capture the variance of tones that one would find in music.

O’Keeffe’s feelings are on prominent display within this particular work as she is capturing the overall emotional experience of sound in the natural world. O’Keeffe said of the piece “You asked me about music. I like it better than anything in the world color gives me the same thrill once in a long, long time, sometimes a story or something that will call a picture to my mind will affect me like music. Do you think we can ever get much of it in Art?”


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