Canna Red Orange By Georgia O'Keeffe

Canna Red Orange was painted by artist Georgia O’Keeffe in 1926. O’Keeffe is considered a modern artist and pursued abstract art. She is best-known for her various paintings depicting various flowers, however it is the way in which she painted them that truly makes her art stand-out. 


She was heavily influenced by the work of photographer Paul Strand and the way in which she paints her flowers are as if one would be looking through the lens of a camera. She enlarged the face of the flower to fill the entire canvas so that the edge of the petal, the fluff of the stamen, and the variations in color. O’Keeffe is also quoted as saying that the reason she painted flowers was to protest the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City. 

She felt that way of life prevented individuals from taking the time to stop and look at the flowers. 


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