July 22 in History

July 22 in Pop Culture History July 22nd is… Casual Pi Day 7.22 Fragile X Awareness Day Hammock Day Lion’s Share Day Mango Day Penuche Fudge Day Rat Catcher’s Day Spooners Day Summer Leisure Day 1587 – A second group of English settlers arrived on Roanoke Island off North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony. […]

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July 20 in History

July 20 in Pop Culture History July 20th is… Fortune Cookie Day International Chess Day Lollipop Day Moon Day Nap Day Space Exploration Day World Jump Day 1903 – The Ford Motor Company shipped its first car. 1938 – The United States Department of Justice filed suit in New York City against the motion picture

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July 19 in History

July 19 in Pop Culture History July 19th is… Daiquiri Day Flitch Day Raspberry Cake Day Stick Out Your Tongue Day Words With Friends Day 64 – Great Fire of Rome occurred, destroying half of the city. Contrary to rumors, Nero did not play the fiddle while it burned, but he did blame “the Christians.”

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July 18 in History

July 18 in Pop Culture History July 18th is… Caviar Day Insurance Nerd Day Mandela Day Perfect Family Day Sour Candy Day 1870 – The First Vatican Council decreed the dogma of papal infallibility. 1925 – Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf. #1 Hit July 18, 1960 – August 7, 1960: Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry

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July 16 in History

July 16 in Pop Culture History July 16th is… Corn Fritters Day Fresh Spinach Day Guinea Pig Appreciation Day Personal Chef’s Day World Snake Day 622 – The 354-day Islamic Calendar was established. 1661 – The European banknotes were issued by the Swedish bank Stockholms Banco. 1769 – Father Junípero Serra founded California’s first mission,

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July 15 in History

July 15 in Pop Culture History July 15th is… Be A Dork Day Give Something Away Day Gummi Worm Day I Love Horses Day Orange Chicken Day Pet Fire Safety Day Respect Canada Day Tapioca Pudding Day 850 (Earthquake) Iran 1149 – The reconstructed Church of the Holy Sepulchre was consecrated in Jerusalem. 1799 –

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July 14 in History

July 14 in Pop Culture History July 14th is… Bastille Day Grand Marnier Day Mac & Cheese Day National Nude Day Pandemonium Day Shark Awareness day Tape Measure Day 1789 – Bastille Day. Tens of thousands of the citizens of Paris stormed the Bastille, the Paris fortress used as a prison to hold political prisoners

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