July 13 in History

July 13 in Pop Culture History July 13th is… Barbershop Music Appreciation Day Beans ‘N’ Franks Day French Fry Day Gruntled Workers Day Nitrogen Ice Cream Day International Rock Day 1787 – The Continental Congress enacted the Northwest Ordinance establishing governing rules for the Northwest Territory. It also established procedures for admitting new states and […]

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July 12 in History

July 12 in Pop Culture History July 12th is… Eat Your Jello Day Etch a Sketch Day Different Colored Eyes Day Paper Bag Day Pecan Pie Day National Simplicity Day 927 – Æthelstan, King of England, secured a pledge from Constantine II of Scotland that the latter would not ally with Viking kings, beginning the

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July 11 in History

July 11 in Pop Culture History July 11th is… All American Pet Photo Day Blueberry Muffin Day Cheer up the Lonely Day Mojito Day Rainier Cherry Day 7-Eleven Day World Rum Day 1796 – The United States took possession of Detroit from Great Britain under terms of the Jay Treaty. 1798 – The United States

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July 10 in History

July 10 in Pop Culture History July 10th is… Chronic Disease Day Clerihew Day Don’t Step on a Bee Day Kitten Day Nikola Tesla Day Piña Colada Day 1553 – Lady Jane Grey began her 9-day reign on the throne of England. 1892 – The first concrete-paved street was built, on Court Avenue, around the

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July 9 in History

July 9 in Pop Culture History July 9th is… Dimples Day Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Omelet Day Fashion Day Sugar Cookie Day 1540 – King Henry VIII of England annulled the marriage to his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. 1595 – Johannes Kepler published Mysterium Cosmographicum (Mystery of the Cosmos) 1776 –

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July 8 in History

July 8 in Pop Culture History July 8th is… Chocolate with Almonds Day Freezer Pop Day Ice Cream Sundae Day Math 2.0 Day 1776 – The Liberty Bell rang at Pennsylvania State House (now Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, inviting citizens to the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. 1800 – Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse

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July 7 in History

July 7 in Pop Culture History July 7th is… Dive Bar Day Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day Macaroni Day Strawberry Sundae Day 1456 – A retrial verdict acquitted Joan of Arc of heresy, authorized by Pope Callixtus III, 25 years after she was burned alive for heresy. 1520 – Spanish conquistadors defeated a larger Aztec

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July 6 in History

July 6 in Pop Culture History July 6th is… Air Traffic Control Day Fried Chicken Day Japanese Hand Roll Day World Kiss Day Virtually Hug a Virtual Assistant Day 1189 – Richard I “the Lionheart” acceded to the English throne. 1348 – Pope Clement VI issued a papal bull (rule) protecting the Jews accused of

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July 4 in History

July 4 in Pop Culture History July 4th is… Barbecued Spareribs Day Caesar Salad Day Fourth of July Independence Day Sidewalk Egg Frying Day 1054 – A supernova was seen for several months in Asia, near the star Zeta Tauri – its remnants form the Crab Nebula. 1776 – The United States Declaration of Independence

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