December 5 in Pop Culture History

December 5 in Pop Culture History
1455 (Earthquake) Naples, Italy, killing an estimated 40,000 people.

1854 – Aaron H. Allen of Boston, received U.S. patent# 12,017 for a folding chair as an “Improvement in Self-Adjusting Opera-Seat” for theatres or other public buildings. You have probably sat on his invention, if you have gone to a movie theater.

1Stillson873 – The Boston Belfry Murderer killed his first victim, Bridget Landregan.

1876 – A fire at the Brooklyn Theater killed 295 people and injured hundreds more.

1876 – The Stillson wrench was patented by Daniel Chapman Stillson. The device was the first practical pipe wrench, the design is still in use today. (Patent #184,993)

1933 – Prohibition ended, thanks to the 21st amendment Utah being the last state needed to ratify it. When the 21st Amendment was passed to end Prohibition, American journalist H. L. Mencken celebrated with a glass of water, calling it “my first in 13 years.”

1941 – Angel Street (Broadway Play) Opened on December 5, 1941 and Closed: December 30, 1944

1945 – Five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers (Flight 19) went missing in the Bermuda Triangle after leaving Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida.

1964 – #1 Hit December 5, 1964 – December 11, 1964: Lorne GreeneRingo

1969 – ARPANET (the first true internet) grew from ARPA (the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency) when it connected to computer network nodes at four universities: the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Menlo Park, CA, U.C. Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah.

1984 – Beverly Hills Cop, starring Eddie Murphy, opened in theaters.

1986 – Heartbreak Ridge debuted in theaters.

1987 – #1 Hit December 5, 1987 – December 11, 1987: Belinda CarlisleHeaven Is a Place on Earth

1997 – Good Will Hunting was released in theaters.

1998 – #1 Hit December 5, 1998 – January 15, 1999: R. Kelly & Celine DionI’m Your Angel

2005 – In the UK, the Civil Partnership Act granted civil partnerships “which include same sex partnerships” in the United Kingdom with rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage.

2007 – Juno debuted in theaters.

2008 – Frost Nixon debuted in theaters.

2008 – O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted for the well-known double murder in Los Angeles, was sentenced for up to thirty-three years in prison for robbing a pair of memorabilia dealers. He is eligible for parole in 2017.