February 12 in History

February 12 in Pop Culture History

February 12th is…

Darwin Day commemorates the birth of British naturalist Charles Darwin and recognizes his contribution to the science of evolution. Darwin is best known for his theory of evolution through natural selection, which he outlined in his book On the Origin of Species. Darwin Day is celebrated by scientists, educators, and people interested in science and nature. The day is intended to promote public understanding of science and the impact of scientific discovery on the world.

Hug Day is celebrated on February 11th and honors the love between people of all kinds. It is a day to recognize how even the simplest gesture of human affection, such as a hug, can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated and loved. Whether through a hug, an act of kindness, or just listening to their story, make sure they know you care.

Lincoln’s Birthday is a day to honor Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, and his contributions to the country.

Lost Penny Day is a day to recognize pennies’ small but significant value and encourage people to pick up and save any stray pennies they find. Here are some fun facts about pennies:

  • If a penny is heads up, it is considered good luck to pick it up, while tails down is considered bad luck.
  • The 1943 Bronze Lincoln Penny was made in error; about 40 1943 Lincoln pennies are known to exist and can fetch a high price.
  • Tossing a penny into a fountain is said to make a wish come true.
  • 1914-D Lincoln Penny: The 1914-D penny is rare and considered one of the key dates in the Lincoln cent series.
  • 1877 Indian Head Penny: This penny is considered rare and valuable due to its low mintage.
  • 1914-D Lincoln Penny: The 1914-D penny is rare and considered one of the key dates in the Lincoln cent series.
  • 1877 Indian Head Penny: This penny is considered rare and valuable due to its low mintage.
  • Putting a penny in a deceased person’s casket is said to ensure they have a safe journey to the afterlife.
  • It’s considered good luck to keep a penny in your shoe.
  • Picking up a penny before it touches the ground is said to bring good luck.

NAACP Day: NAACP stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It is an American civil rights organization founded in 1909 to promote equal rights and end racial discrimination against African Americans. The NAACP is one of the oldest and most influential civil rights organizations in the United States and has been at the forefront of many important civil rights initiatives, including the fight against segregation, the fight for voting rights, and the fight for equal access to education and employment.

February 12 is Plum Pudding Day, which celebrates the traditional British dessert cooked ahead of Christmas and enjoyed on special occasions. Plum pudding is made with suet, dried fruit, spices, and beer or wine and served either boiling hot or cold. It’s thought to have originated in medieval England as a dish for wealthy people who could afford the exotic ingredients at the time.

881 – Charles the Fat was declared the Holy Roman Emperor.

1809 – Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were both born on February 12th, 1809

1870 – Women were given the right to vote in Utah.

1879 – The first artificial ice rink opened in Madison Square Garden in NYC.

1898 – The first car crash resulting in a fatality happened to Henry Lindfield in England.

1914 – The first stone of Washington DC’s Lincoln Memorial was implemented.

1924 – Rhapsody In Blue, by George Gershwin, performed for the first time at the Aeolian Hall in New York City. Paul Whitman conducted the now classic piece of American music.

1931 – Dracula premiered in theaters.

1935 – The patent (#1,991,236) was issued to Robert Jemison Van de Graaff for his Electrostatic Generator.

1940 – Mutual Radio presented the first broadcast of The Adventures of Superman.

1955 – # 1 Hit February 12, 1955 – March 25, 1955: The McGuire Sisters – Sincerely

1963 – Construction began on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

1972 – # 1 Hit February 12, 1972 – February 18, 1972: Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

1985 – Me and My Girl (East End Musical) Opened on February 12, 1985 and closed: on January 16, 1993 (revival of the 1937 musical)

1999 – President Bill Clinton was acquitted on both articles of impeachment against him: perjury and obstruction of justice.

2004 – The city and county of San Francisco began to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples

2004 – Mattel officially announced the split of Barbie and Ken

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