February 18 in History

February 18 in Pop Culture History

February 18th is…

Drink Wine Day: Wine has been enjoyed for centuries and is a beloved beverage all over the world. People often celebrate wine by drinking it with meals, toasting special occasions, or simply savoring a glass at the end of a long day. Wine is also widely recognized for its cultural and historical significance and its many health benefits when consumed in moderation.

National Battery Day recognizes the important inventions of Alessandro Volta and other scientists who created and developed the world’s first battery. Batteries are ubiquitous in our society, powering everything from cellphones to laptops to medical equipment. Without them, many aspects of life we take for granted would not be possible.

Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day celebrates the flavorful and delicious combination of succulent crab meat with tender flounder, a popular delicacy found in many coastal areas. Crab-stuffed flounder is a favorite among seafood lovers and can be served in several ways, from classic oven bakes to special grilling recipes.

National Chile Day is celebrated in many ways, from chili cook-offs and festivals to special events and promotions at restaurants and food stores. Some people also choose to celebrate National Chile Day by cooking and eating spicy chili dishes, trying new chili recipes, or simply enjoying a hot and spicy meal.

Thumb Appreciation Day: Consider learning more about the anatomy and function of the thumb or participating in activities that engage and challenge your thumbs, such as playing musical instruments or sports that require manual dexterity.

1856 – The “Know-Nothing Party” convened in Philadelphia to nominate its first presidential candidate. The Know-Nothing movement began in the 1840s when an increasing rate of immigration led to the formation of several groups to combat “foreign” influences in American society.

1861 – Jefferson Davis became the provisional president of the Confederate States of America. He was ‘provisional’ because the people did not elect him but was appointed by the Confederate Congress.

1885 – Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was published for the first time.

1908 – The first US postage stamps in coils were available for the first time in vending machines.

1913 – Pedro Lascuráin becomes President of Mexico for 45 minutes, the shortest term to date of any person as president of any country.

1929 – The first Academy Awards were announced in 1929 for 1928’s films.

1931 – A cow named Ollie was milked over St. Louis, MO. Her milk was cartoned and parachuted down.

1930 – Clyde Tombaugh discovered ex-planet Pluto.

1948 – Mister Roberts (Broadway Play) Opened on February 18, 1948, and closed on January 6, 1951

1950 – #1 Hit February 18, 1950 – March 17, 1950: Red Foley – Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy

1954 – The first Church of Scientology was established in Los Angeles.

1956 – # 1 Hit February 18, 1956 – February 24, 1956: Kay Starr – Rock And Roll Waltz

1978 – The first Ironman Triathlon competition took place on the island of Oahu and was won by Gordon Haller.

2001 – Race car legend Ralph Dale Earnhardt was killed in a crash in the last lap of the Daytona 500. Richard Petty won the race.


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