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February 26 in Pop Culture History

February 26th is…

Carnival Day: Officially February 26, a celebration that takes place over a few days, typically leading up to Lent, which occurs in February or March. As Lent traditionally involves fasting, and abstaining from certain foods and drinks, the Carnival serves as an occasion to indulge in these delights one last time before abstinence begins.

For Pete’s Sake Day: “For Pete’s Sake Day” is a phrase used to express frustration or annoyance, and it is often associated with the idiom “For heaven’s sake.” It is a day to celebrate the phrase “For Pete’s Sake” and its use as an expression of frustration or surprise.

Letter to Our Elders Day: This day provides a great opportunity to reach out to senior citizens and express appreciation for their life experiences and wisdom. It’s a chance to make meaningful connections across generations and foster understanding between generations, traditionally with a hand-written letter.

Levi Strauss Day: Levi Strauss was a German-American businessman born on February 26, 1829. He is the founder of Levi Strauss & Co., a clothing company that produces denim jeans. In 1853, Strauss moved to San Francisco to open a west coast branch of his brother’s dry goods business. After several years, he saw a demand for durable work pants among the gold miners and decided to create the first pair of blue jeans by reinforcing the fabric with copper rivets. This invention became the hallmark of Levi Strauss & Co., and the brand became synonymous with high-quality denim jeans.

National Personal Chef Day: A day to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of personal chefs, and the delicious meals they prepare.(also July 16 & February 26)

Pistachio Day is dedicated to promoting and appreciating the pistachio nut, a popular snack food and ingredient in many recipes. The origin of this holiday is not clear, but it is believed to be a way to celebrate this versatile nut’s delicious and healthy qualities. People celebrate National Pistachio Day by eating pistachios, cooking with them, or sharing recipes and ideas for incorporating them into meals and snacks.

Set a Good Example Day: This day is an opportunity to recognize the power of our actions and their influence on those around us. Let’s strive to be role models for kindness, respect and compassion in our communities!

Tell a Fairy Tale Day: A day to celebrate and share the magic of fairy tales and their enduring appeal.

Thermos Bottle Day: The history of the Thermos bottle, also known as a vacuum flask, can be traced back to the late 19th century when Sir James Dewar, a Scottish scientist, created the first vacuum flask to keep liquids at a consistent temperature. The Thermos brand, introduced in 1904, popularized the vacuum flask and made it widely available to consumers. Thermos bottles have since become indispensable for outdoor activities, picnics, and office use, among others.

1616 – The Roman Catholic Church formally banned Galileo Galilei from teaching or defending the view that the earth orbits the sun.

1815 – Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba.

1829 – Levi Strauss was born. He never married, so, ironically, he didn’t get to pass his genes on to the next generation.

1870 – New York City’s first pneumatic-powered subway line, created by Alfred Beach, was opened to the public.

1909 – Kinemacolor, the first successful color motion picture process, was demonstrated to the general public at the Palace Theatre in London with 21 short films.

1919 – 800,000 acres of the Grand Canyon, already a national monument, was designated a national park under President Woodrow Wilson

1929 – President Calvin Coolidge signed into law a bill establishing the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

1946 – Finnish observers reported the first of thousands of sightings of ghost rockets.

1966 – # 1 Hit February 26, 1966 – March 4, 1966: Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

1977 – # 1 Hit February 26, 1977 – March 4, 1977: Eagles – New Kid in Town

1978 – Deathtrap (Broadway Play) Opened on February 26, 1978, and closed on June 13, 1982

1988 – # 1 Hit February 27, 1988 – March 11, 1988: George Michael – Father Figure

1993 – The first World Trade Bombings occurred; the bomb went off in a parked truck under the North Tower. The bombing killed six and injured over a thousand people

1995 – Selena Quintanilla-Perez performed her last concert in Houston before being shot by her manager.

2005 – Halle Berry accepted her Razzie Award at the 25th annual ceremony at Hollywood’s historic Ivar Theatre.

2011 – # 1 Hit February 26, 2011 – April 8, 2011: Lady Gaga – Born This Way

2012 – Trayvon Martin, an African-American teen walking home from a trip to a convenience store, was fatally shot in an altercation with George Zimmerman, a Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer patrolling the townhouse community of the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida.


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