February 8 in Pop Culture History

February 8 in Pop Culture History
1587 – Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded.

1692 – A doctor in Salem Village claimed three teenage girls were possessed by Satan, which then lead to the chaotic Salem Witch Trials.

1693 – The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia was granted a charter by King William III and Queen Mary II.

1855 – The Devil’s Footprints mysteriously appeared around the Exe Estuary in East Devon and South Devon, England. After a heavy snowfall, trails of two-legged hoof-like marks appeared overnight in the snow covering a total distance of many miles.

1865 – Delaware voters rejected the Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and vote to continue the practice of slavery, although in practice, it did not exist.. (Delaware finally ratifies the amendment on February 12, 1901.)

1898 – The first envelope folding and gumming machine patent (#598,716) was issued to John Ames Sherman of Worcester, Mass.

1910 – The Boy Scouts of America were founded.

1915 – The Birth of a Nation, D.W. Griffith’s controversial film, premiered. It was originally titled The Clansman.

1924 – The first state execution in the United States by gas chamber took place in Nevada.

1936 – The first National Football League (NFL) draft was held. The Philadelphia Eagles chose Jay Berwanger, the first to be selected.

1946 – The first portion of the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, the first serious challenge to the popularity of the Authorized King James Version, was published.

1950 – The Stasi, the secret police of East Germany, was established.

1952 – Elizabeth II was proclaimed Queen of the United Kingdom.

1960 – # 1 Hit February 8, 1960 – February 21, 1960: Mark DinningTeen Angel

1960 – Ground-breaking for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The initial stars were Joanne Woodward, Olive Borden, Ronald Colman, Louise Fazenda, Preston Foster, Burt Lancaster, Edward Sedgwick, and Ernest Torrence.

1969 – Pieces of the large Allende meteorite were recovered in Chihuahua, Mexico. They were estimated to be over 4.6 billion years old.

1969 – The last issue of the “Saturday Evening Post” was published. It was revived in 1971 as a quarterly publication and eventually 6 times a year.

1971 – The NASDAQ stock market index opened.

1975 – # 1 Hit February 8, 1975 – February 14, 1975: Ohio PlayersFire

1992 – # 1 Hit February 8, 1992 – February 28, 1992: Right Said FredI’m Too Sexy

1998 – The first female hockey game in Olympic history took place. Finland defated Sweden 6-0.

2003 – # 1 Hot February 8, 2003 – March 7, 2003: Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool JAll I Have

2014 – # 1 Hit February 8, 2014 – March 7, 2014: Katy Perry featuring Juicy JDark Horse

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