International World Thinking Day February 22

International World Thinking Day is celebrated every year by both The Girl Scouts and The Girl Guides.  It is also celebrated by some boy organizations.

The point of International World Thinking Day is for Girl Scouts/Guides to think about their sister and brothers around the world.  In recent years the holiday has been themed.

There are other ways to celebrate this day and they include adults, both men and women. We need to start thinking for ourselves.  The world has stopped thinking.  We, in general, want to be told what to think.  Our chosen news venues guide us in our politics and our relationships.  In many ways we have become like sheep willing to follow any voice that calls to us or will release us form making up our own minds.  Or, and this is frightening, just make us feel good.

It is in college that logic is first begun to be taught.  Logic could easily be taught to elementary school children and should be.  Introduce thought processes and logic early you may solve many problems before they happen as a child reaches the teen years.

Now, this is not to say we should not think about others.  That should happen every day we live.  But right now let’s help our boys and girls think for themselves. Let us encourage them to find their path and stick to it.   Let us enable them to think and with their own thoughts overcome the domination of social media.

International World Thinking Day is February 22, think about it.

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