June 25 in History

June 25 in Pop Culture History

June 25th is…
Bourdain Day
Catfish Day
Color TV Day
Fatherless Children Day
Goat Cheese Day
Log Cabin Day
Day of the Seafarer
Strawberry Parfait Day

1867 – Barbed wire was patented (#66,182) by Lucien B. Smith of Kent, Ohio.

1876 – Native American forces, led by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, defeated the US Army troops lead by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in a battle near southern Montana’s Little Bighorn River.

1910 – The US Congress passed the Mann Act, which prohibited interstate transport of females for “immoral purposes.”

1910 – Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird premiered in Paris,

1914 – The Great Salem Fire, Massachusettes

1944 – The final page of the comic strip Krazy Kat was published months after the author, George Herriman, died.

1947 – The Diary of a Young Girl (better known as The Diary of Anne Frank) was published.

1949 – The cartoon classic, Long-Haired Hare starring Bugs Bunny, was released in theaters.

#1 Hit June 25, 1966 – July 8, 1966: The BeatlesPaperback Writer

1967 – The special Our World was the first live worldwide “via satellite” TV broadcast, transmitting to 30 countries via the BBC. The Beatles closed the show with All You Need Is Love. Performers include Mick Jagger, opera singer Maria Callas, Vienna Boys’ Choir, Keith Richards, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton, Pattie Harrison, Jane Asher, Graham Nash, and others. The show lasted two and a half hours.

#1 Hit June 25, 1977 – July 1, 1977: Marvin GayeGot to Give It Up (Part 1)

1978 – The rainbow flag, representing gay pride, was flown for the first time in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade.

1982 – Bladerunner and The Thing were released in theaters

1988 #1 Hit June 25, 1988 – July 1, 1988: Debbie GibsonFoolish Beat

1993 – Sleepless in Seattle and Dennis The Menace debuted in theaters

1996 – The Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia killed 19 US servicemen.

2004 – The Notebook was released in theaters

2009 – Michael Jackson died after suffering from cardiac arrest caused by a fatal combination of drugs given to him by his personal doctor, Conrad Murray.

2010 – Grown Ups debuted in theaters


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