March 19 in History

March 19 in Pop Culture History

March 19th is…
Backyard Day
Certified Nurses Day
Clients Day
Chocolate Caramel Day
Let’s Laugh Day
Poultry Day
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Day

1649 – The House of Commons of England abolished the House of Lords, declaring it ‘useless and dangerous to the people of England’.

1842 – French writer Honore de Balzac’s play Les Ressources de Quinola opened to an empty house due to a publicity stunt. He had earlier announced that the show had sold out, so nobody actually bought any tickets.

1918 – Congress established time zones and approved daylight saving time.

1931 – The Nevada state legislature voted to legalize gambling

1957 – Graceland was on a 13.8-acre estate and sold for $102,500 to Elvis Presley.

1962 – Bob Dylan released his first album, Bob Dylan.

1979 – C-Span was launched

1983 – First Lady Nancy Reagan made an appearance on an episode of Diff’rent Strokes, beginning her Say No anti-drug campaign

1987 – Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned as the host of The PTL Club after involvement in a sex scandal.

1998 – Cabaret (Broadway Musical) Opened on March 19, 1998, and closed on January 4, 2004 (revival)


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