May 16 in History

May 16 in Pop Culture History

May 16th is…
Honor Our LGBT Elders Day
Barbecue (BBQ) Day
Biographer’s Day
Coquilles Saint Jacques Day
Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day
Love a Tree Day
Mimosa Day
Piercing Day
Sea Monkey Day
1866 – Charles Elmer Hires in Philadelphia, PA invented Root Beer.
Annie Get Your Gun (Broadway Musical) Opened on May 16, 1946, and closed on February 12, 1949

1946 – Jack Mullin demonstrated the first magnetic tape recorder.

#1 Hit May 16, 1964 – May 29, 1964: Mary WellsMy Guy. Motown Records got its first #1 hit with the song.

1966 – The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and Bob Dylan’s Blonde On Blonde were both released.

#1 Hit May 16, 1981 – June 19, 1981: Kim CarnesBette Davis Eyes

1983 – The concert special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever was broadcast by NBC; Michael Jackson performed his ‘moonwalk’ dance for the first time on television.

#1 Hit May 16, 1987 – June 5, 1987: U2With or Without You

1988 – Nicotine was declared addictive in ways similar to heroin and cocaine in a report released by US Surgeon-General C. Everett Koop.

1991 – Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom addressed a joint session of the United States Congress.

1996 – 12 million people tuned in for the series finale of Murder, She Wrote on CBS. The show was the longest-running American Murder-Mystery drama.

1998 – Unsolved Mysteries true-crime series ended.

2014 – Broadcast journalist and TV personality Barbara Walters retired from ABC News and from the daytime program The View.

#1 Hit May 16, 2020 – May 22, 2020: Say SoDoja Cat featuring Nicki Minaj

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