May 8 in History

May 8 in Pop Culture History

May 8 is…
Free Trade Day
Coconut Cream Pie Day
Give Someone a Cupcake Day
Have a Coke Day
Iris Day
No Socks Day
Ovarian Cancer Day
Student Nurses Day
Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for Those Who Lost Their Lives during the Second World War
Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day)

1840 – The first U.S. photographic patent (#1,582) was issued to Alexander S. Wolcott of New York City

1886 – Coca-Cola was first sold to the public at the soda fountain in Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia.

1902 (Tornado) Goliad, Texas

1912 – Paramount Pictures was founded.

1933 – Mohandas Gandhi began a 21-day fast of self-purification and launched a one-year campaign to help the Harijan movement.

1945 – V-E Day (Victory in Europe Day) was celebrated in America and Great Britain.

1958 – Dracula was released, starring Christopher Lee. It was the first horror movie from Hammer Films.

1961 – The first practical seawater conversion plant in the US was opened in Freeport, Texas.

1963 – Dr. No, starring Sean Connery, opened in theaters.

#1 Hit May 8, 1976 – May 14, 1976: John SebastianWelcome Back

1976 – The New Revolution, the first steel roller coaster with a vertical loop, opened at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

1980 – The World Health Organization confirmed the eradication of smallpox.

#1 Hit May 8, 1982 – May 14, 1982: VangelisChariots of Fire

1984 – The Soviet Union announced that they were boycotting the 1984 Olympics.

2010 – Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live, thanks to a push by fans on Facebook. She won an Emmy for her appearance.

#1 Hit May 8, 2021 – May 21, 2021: Save Your TearsThe Weeknd and Ariana Grande



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