National Blame Someone Else Day is Celebrated on the First Friday the 13th of Every Year

Friday the 13th is traditionally  a day to safely stay in bed with the covers over your head in order to protect yourself from the horrid bad luck that is sure to come at you on that dreaded day.  Friday the 13th is however a day that can also be celebrated too as the first Friday the 13th of every year is National Blame  Someone Else Day.
Blame Someone Else Day was conceived by Anne Moeller.  It seems that one Friday The 13th in 1982 Anne started the day with her alarm clock failing to go off.  This incident set off a line of bad experiences throughout the day.  The story goes that because of her rotten day she created this holiday.
The fact is though, there is no one to verify that this is true, maybe someone is blaming Anne for the holiday.  Whether the story is legend or fact matters little.  On this day you can point the finger at someone else for screw ups that are your own fault.  Did you burn dinner?  Well that was your husband’s or wife’s fault.  Were you late for work?  That was your children’s fault.  Yes this is day that you have free range to lie.  However if you are a doctor this may not be a day for you to celebrate your malpractice insurance is high enough already.

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