November 19 in Pop Culture History

November 19 in Pop Culture History

1620 – The Mayflower reached Cape Cod & explored the coast

1805 – Lewis & Clark reached Pacific Ocean, they were the first European Americans to cross the American continent.

1850 – A patent (#7,784) for magic lantern slides made of glass plate was issued to Frederick Langenheim of Philadelphia, PA as an “improvement in photographic pictures on glass.”

1863 – US President Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address beginning “Four score & seven years ago…”

1881 – President Garfield’s (November 19, 1831 – September 19, 1881) cause of death wasn’t so much the bullet wound from his assassination attempt as much as it was the treatment he received afterward. His doctors’ clumsy, unsanitary attempts to heal him resulted in a severe, painful infection that killed him three months later.

1911 – NY received the first Marconi wireless transmission from Italy.

1916 – Samuel Goldfish and Edgar Selwyn established Goldwyn Pictures.

1953 – US Supreme Court ruled (7-2) baseball was a sport not a business

1954 – The first automatic toll collection machine was used at the Union Toll Plaza on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway. It only accepted quarters (one was needed).

1955 – National Review published its first issue

1959 – Rocky & Friends premiered on NBC (moved to ABC and changed to The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show in 1964).

1966 – #1 Hit November 19, 1966 – December 2, 1966: The SupremesYou Keep Me Hangin’ On

1978 – The Miracle at the Meadowlands – Philadelphia Eagles’ Herman Edwards returned a fumble for a touchdown with 31 seconds left to give Philadelphia a 19-17 victory over the New York Giants.

1980 – CBS banned a Calvin Klein’s jean ad featuring Brooke Shields.

1988 – #1 Hit November 19, 1988 – December 2, 1988: Bon JoviBad Medicine

1998 – The United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee began impeachment hearings against U.S. President Bill Clinton.

2006 – Nintendo released the Wii in the US.