November 20 in History

November 20 in History

November 20th is…
National Gingerbread Cookie Day
Peanut Butter Fudge Day
National Red Mitten Day
National Stuffing Day

1866 – US patent (#59,745) for a yoyo, called a “Whirligig” or “Bandalore” in the paperwork, was issued to James L. Haven and Charles Hettrick of Cincinnati, Ohio.

1866 – The US patent (#59,918) on a rotary crank bicycle was issued to Pierre Lallemont of Paris, France.

1888 – Willard LeGrand Bundy was issued the first U.S. patent (#393,205) for a time recording clock. His company went on to help start TCR in 1911, which evolved into IBM.

1906 – Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce formed Rolls-Royce.

1929 – First broadcast of The Goldbergs on NBC radio. The original title was The Rise of the Goldbergs until 1936 when it moved to CBS. It was also on television in various forms from 1949 to 1956. ABC began its own The Goldbergs on September 24, 2013.

1945 – The Nuremberg Trials with an International Military Tribunal made up of four judges one from each country United States, Soviet Union, Britain and France begin when charges against Germany’s Nazi leaders.

1952 – The Seven Year Itch (Broadway Play) Opened on November 20, 1952 and closed on August 13, 1955

1959 – WABC canceled Alan Freed’s radio show over the payola scandal. He was fired the next day. The early rock and roll DJ died in 1965, and in 2002 his ashes were moved to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

1962 – USSR agreed to remove bombers from Cuba, & the US lifted the blockade.

=#1 Hit November 20, 1965 – December 3, 1965: The Supremes – I Hear A Symphony

1966 – Cabaret (Broadway Musical) Opened on November 20, 1966, and closed on September 6, 1969

1969 – Cleveland, Ohio’s The Plain Dealer published explicit photographs of dead villagers from the My Lai Massacre in Vietnam.

=#1 Hit November 20, 1971 – December 3, 1971: Isaac Hayes – Theme from Shaft

1973 – A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving aired on CBS for the first time.

1982 – Drew Barrymore, at age 7, hosted Saturday Night Live. She was starring in the hit film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at that time.

1983 – The made-for-television movie The Day After, depicting the start of a nuclear war, was shown on ABC. Over 100 million people saw the broadcast.

1985 – A successful heart transplant to a 4-day-old infant, Eddie Anguiano, known then as Baby Moses, was performed by Dr. Leonard Lee Bailey of the Loma Linda University Medical Center. Eddie is still living and living in Las Vegas, as far as we know.

1985 – Microsoft Windows 1.0 was released to the public.

1995- Daytime soap opera One Life To Live aired its 7,000th episode on ABC.

1999- John Carpenter became the first worldwide winner of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. The $1 million question was, “Which of these U.S. Presidents appeared on the television series ‘Laugh-In’?” with the choices being A) Lyndon Johnson, B) Richard Nixon, C) Jimmy Carter, and D) Gerald Ford. He knew the answer and used his lifeline to call his father to tell him that he was winning a million dollars.

2003 – Michael Jackson was booked on suspicion of multiple counts of child molestation, later acquitted on all charges. He was on $3 million bond.

2010 – #1 Hit November 20, 2010 – December 3, 2010: Rihanna featuring Drake – What’s My Name?

2013 – Two campus police officers who pepper-sprayed peaceful student protesters at a close range at the University of California were suspended. The memes made the incident immortal.pepper


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