Special Days in October

October is…

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month
American Cheese Month
American Pharmacists Month
Animal Safety and Protection Month
Arts and Humanities Month
National Book Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
Cookbook Month
Cookie Month
Country Music Month
Cranberry Month
Crime Prevention Month
Dessert Month
International Dinosaur Month
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Fire Prevention Month
Italian American Heritage Month
Mental Illness Awareness Month
Pasta Month
Physical Therapy Month
Pizza Month
Polish American Heritage Month
National Pork Month
Seafood Month
Self-Promotion Month
Toilet Tank Repair Month
Vegetarian Awareness Month
Women’s Small Business Month
The First Full Week of October is…
Animal Welfare Week is a special time to celebrate and raise awareness about the health, safety, and well-being of animals everywhere. This week, we strive for a future where all animals are respected, cared for, and safe from harm. 

Walk Your Dog Week is the perfect time for pet owners to show their furry friends how much they care. With plenty of mental and physical benefits for humans and their pets, going for a stroll can help foster an even stronger bond between you and your pup. 

The First Monday in October is…
National Child Health Day is an annual event that encourages parents and caregivers to prioritize children’s physical and emotional well-being. It’s a day to celebrate healthy habits and recognize how essential it is for kids to get the proper care they need to grow and thrive. 

National Consignment Day is a special day to honor the thrifty and eco-friendly practice of buying, selling, and trading secondhand items. From furniture to clothing, the process of consigning can save money while also helping to reduce waste. 

The First Tuesday in October is…
National Eat Fruit At Work Day is a day to celebrate the importance of incorporating healthy snacks into your work routine. This day encourages everyone to get creative and make some tasty, nutritious snacks that will give you that needed energy boost throughout the day, so put down the chips and indulge in some fruit instead! 
The First Wednesday in October is…
National Walk to School Day is a day to promote physical activity and healthy habits in children. This special day encourages children to be active and encourages parents to create safe walking routes for their children. 

National Pumpkin Seed Day is a day to celebrate the nutritional benefits of pumpkin seeds and their numerous uses in cooking. Enjoy the crunchy, nutty taste of these versatile little snacks! Try making your own roasted pumpkin seeds for a delicious and healthy snack – from adding them to salads or using them as a topping for soup.

National Coffee with a Cop Day – On this day, police officers gather at coffee shops, stores and other locations to have candid conversations about public safety and community issues. This event brings people from all walks of life together to talk constructively and build trust between the police and the public. 

The First Friday in October is…
National Manufacturing Day provides an opportunity for industry leaders to engage with and educate the public about the exciting career opportunities in manufacturing. From additive manufacturing and industrial robotics to smart factory operations and green engineering, there are many possibilities for those interested in a career in manufacturing. 

National Body Language Day is an opportunity to recognize the power of nonverbal communication. From facial expressions to gestures, body language plays an important role in interacting. On this day, take some time to practice and observe nonverbal cues. Try out different facial expressions while maintaining eye contact with someone and notice how it affects the conversation. Pay attention to your own body language as you communicate throughout the day, and learn more about how subtle changes can create meaningful connections with those around you.

World Smile Day is a moving holiday celebrated on the first Friday of October. Harvey Ball created the first smiley face in 1963. Mr. Ball was a commercial artist. The Icon was so popular that in 1999 a holiday was established to celebrate the icon and smiles. For instance, in 2010, the slogan for World Smile Day was “Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.”

World College Radio Day is an international celebration of college radio. Each year, stations from across the globe come together to honor the role of college radio in fostering freedom of expression and new music. On this day, tune in to your local college radio station to hear the latest tunes from up-and-coming artists, listen to various genres, or take some time to appreciate the unique voices that college radio provides.

The First Saturday in October is…
National Play Outside Day (Every month) is an opportunity to celebrate the joys of being outdoors. Whether you go for a nature walk, climb a mountain, or simply spend some time in your backyard, this day is all about getting outside and experiencing the beauty of the world around us. 
The Second Monday in October is…
Columbus Day (US Federal Holiday) commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas on October 12, 1492. The holiday is intended to honor the explorer’s legacy and his expedition, which is considered a significant event in the history of the Americas. However, Columbus Day has become a controversial holiday, as many have criticized Columbus and his expedition for their treatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Some critics argue that Columbus and his men were responsible for the enslavement, deaths, and forced conversion of millions of Native Americans and that the holiday should be abolished or replaced with a day that honors indigenous people. The holiday is celebrated in most states, but it is not celebrated in some states or cities. In recent years, some states and cities have replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day to recognize and honor the contributions and history of Indigenous peoples.

National Kick Butt Day – This day is meant to remind you of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of quitting smoking and living healthier. 

National Online Bank Day is observed to encourage people to participate securely in online banking. It’s a good reminder for all of us to take responsibility for our personal finances and commit to staying up-to-date with the latest online technology. 

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that recognizes and honors the contributions and history of Indigenous peoples in North America. It is celebrated on the second Monday of October and is an alternative to Columbus Day, commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas in 1492. The holiday aims to raise awareness about Indigenous peoples’ ongoing struggles and issues and promote reconciliation and healing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

The Second Tuesday in October is…
National Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work/School Day encourages people to bring their teddy bears to work or school in order to create a more fun and welcoming environment. It is also a way for adults to feel connected to the childhood memories of playing with their teddies. 

National Curves Day is designated to celebrate natural beauty, body positivity, and self-love. This day encourages people of all sizes and shapes to embrace their unique features and be proud of their curves.

National Fossil Day is observed to spread awareness about the importance of fossils and their contributions to science. This day encourages exploration, study, and appreciation of fossils, as well as promotes greater knowledge about prehistoric life and its influence on the history of our planet. 

Stop Bullying Day is held to raise awareness of the serious effects of bullying and harassment while also recognizing individuals who have taken a stand against such behavior. This day encourages people to act against bullies and promote kindness, compassion, and inclusion in all aspects of life. 

Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is a holiday that encourages children and young adults to take their parents out for a meal and spend quality time together. This day honors parents’ crucial role in their children’s lives, and celebrates the bond between parent and child. 

The Second Wednesday in October is…
Emergency Nurses Day was established on October 8, 1989, to honor the nurses in hospital emergency rooms. These nurses play an intrinsic part in a community’s life. Responding quickly to life-endangering circumstances but having a compassionate heart toward seriously ill patients and families who may discover the loss of a loved one in the emergency room. Thank an ER nurse today!
Boss’s Day (or National Boss’s Day) is on October 16 unless it falls on a weekend. Then it’s the closest workday.
The Second Saturday in October is…
National Chess Day is celebrated in recognition of the game of chess and its popularity across cultures. This day celebrates the power of chess to bring people together as it provides a platform for learning, development, and strategy building. 

National Costume Swap Day is a day for people to exchange costumes from previous years or costumes they no longer need. This day encourages sustainability and is fun to celebrate the changing seasons.

National Motorcycle Ride Day is about celebrating motorcycle culture and encouraging riders to participate in group rides. It’s a great way for riders to connect and explore new places. 

I Love Yarn Day encourages everyone to pick up a hook or needle and create something beautiful with yarn. 

The Second Sunday in October is…
Clergy (Pastor, Minister) Appreciation Day is a day set aside to recognize and show appreciation for the contributions of religious leaders, such as pastors, ministers, and priests. It is typically celebrated on the second Sunday of October and is observed by many Christian denominations. The day is often marked by churches and congregations with special services, gifts, and other expressions of appreciation for their spiritual leaders. Clergy Appreciation Day is a way to acknowledge and thank the men and women who have dedicated their lives to the service of their congregations and communities.
The Third Monday in October is…
Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day encourages everyone to put a little effort in and get their virtual desktop tidied up and organized. A clean virtual desktop can make your life easier, so don’t forget to take a few minutes to do some cleaning! 
The Third Tuesday in October is…
Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity is meant to be a time for people to unite and show their support for the pro-life movement. Supporters are encouraged to remain silent throughout the day to honor and respect those who have experienced abortion. 

Pharmacy Technician Day celebrates the hardworking pharmacy technicians who help keep our pharmacies running. These healthcare professionals have dedicated their time and skills to ensuring that medications are dispensed correctly, accurately, and quickly. 

The Third Wednesday in October is…
BRA Day USA is dedicated to helping raise awareness and educate individuals about breast reconstruction options following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. This day also allows healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and survivors to come together and share their stories to create a more supportive environment for those facing this difficult diagnosis. 

Hagfish Day celebrates one of the ocean’s most bizarre creatures – the hagfish! On this special day, we recognize these unique animals and their important role in maintaining a healthy marine habitat. Hagfishes can be found worldwide in shallow and deep waters, feeding on carrion and worms. 

Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of local Chambers of Commerce and encouraging individuals, businesses, and organizations to join and support their local Chamber. The goal of this day is to raise awareness about the importance of local Chambers of Commerce and how they support and strengthen communities.

Chambers of Commerce are organizations that promote the interests of businesses and business owners in a specific area. They often provide networking opportunities, business resources, and local and state policy advocacy. By joining and supporting your local Chamber, you can help to create a stronger and more vibrant local business community.

Medical Assistants Recognition Day recognizes the hard work of medical assistants across the country. These professionals play an invaluable role in healthcare, providing vital services and support to physicians and other medical personnel. On this day, we take a moment to honor their commitment to the field and thank them for the countless ways they make a difference in our lives.

The Third Full Week In October Is…
Medical Assistants Recognition Week takes place on the third week of October to honor medical assistants and recognize their invaluable contributions to the healthcare community. During this week, we take a moment to extend our gratitude for the hard work and dedication these professionals display every day. 
The Third Thursday In July Is…
Get to Know Your Customers Day – Third Thursday of Each Quarter (January, April, July, October) is held in the fall to help businesses build stronger customer relationships. Taking a few moments to learn more about those who patronize your business can improve customer satisfaction and create an environment of mutual respect. 

Get Smart About Credit Day takes place in October to educate people about the importance of smart credit use and management. On this day, we encourage everyone to make well-informed decisions to help them reach their financial goals.

The Third Friday in October is…
National Mammography Day is held to raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer screenings. By taking part in this day, we can help more women access early detection, diagnosis, and treatment that can save lives!
The Third Saturday In October is…
National Sweetest Day is a day to show appreciation for those who have enriched our lives with kindness and joy. Celebrate National Sweetest Day by doing something thoughtful for your family and friends; sending a card, sharing a special treat, or simply letting them know how much you care!
The Fourth Sunday in October is…
National Mother-in-Law Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate all the wonderful mothers-in-law who have impacted our lives. On this day, we honor mothers-in-law for their devotion and loving support. 
The Last Full Week in October Is…
National Hospital & Health-System Pharmacy Week is a time to recognize and appreciate the hard work of pharmacists in hospitals and health systems.
The Last Friday in October is…
National Breadstick Day is a day to enjoy some tasty breadsticks! Celebrate this special day by baking or buying your favorite breadstick recipe. 

Frankenstein Friday is a day to celebrate the classic horror novel “Frankenstein”. Read the book, watch some movie adaptations, or attend a costume party dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster.

Pharmacy Buyer Day (Friday of the Last Full Week) is a day to recognize and honor the contributions of pharmacy buyers. Show appreciation for the hardworking pharmacy buyers in your community and thank them for their dedication to patient care. 

The Last Saturday of October is…
Pitbull Awareness Day is a day to recognize the importance of promoting responsible ownership, adoption, and breeding of pitbulls. 

National Trick-or-Treat Day is a default holiday to celebrate and recognize the playful tradition of trick-or-treating on a Saturday night in some communities. 

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