October 8 in Pop Culture History

October 8 in Pop Culture History

Emergency Nurses Day was established on October 8, 1989 in order to honor the nurses who specifically work in hospital emergency rooms. These nurses play an intrinsic part of a community’s life. Responding quickly to life endangering circumstances but also having to have a compassionate heart towards patients who are seriously ill and towards families who will find out in the emergency room of the loss of a loved one. Thank an ER nurse today!

1860 – Telegraph line between Los Angeles and San Francisco began operating.

1881 – Haighong Typhoon, Vietnam

1871 – Peshtigo Fire, Wisconsin (2000 estimated dead)

1871 – Great Michigan Fire (500? killed)

1871 – Peshtigo, Wisconsin Fire (over 1200 killed)

1871 – Great Chicago Fire (300 estimated dead)

1917 – Executed labor leader and song writer Joe Hill had his ashes seized by the US federal government on Oct 8, 1917. The ashes were held for 71 years as they were seen as subversive. Before he died, Hill asked to be cremated and specified that his ashes be scattered in every state except Utah.

1967 – Che Guevara and his men were captured in Bolivia.

1979 – Sugar Babies (Broadway Review) Opened on October 8, 1979 and Closed: August 28, 1982

1982 – Cats, based on Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot, opened on Broadway and ran for nearly 18 years before closing on September 10, 2000.

1984 – ‘The Burning Bed’ starring Farrah Fawcett, aired on NBC

1985 – Les Miserables (East End Musical) Opened on October 8, 1985

1986 – The Fox Broadcasting Company became the US’ fourth commercial broadcast television network, with The Late Show, hosted by Joan Rivers.

1986 – The Phantom of the Opera (East End Musical) Opened on October 9, 1986

1988 – #1 Hit October 8, 1988 – October 14, 1988: Def LeppardLove Bites

2001 – US President George W. Bush announced the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security.

2005 (Earthquake) Kashmir, Pakistan

2011 – On September 26th, 2011 Mikey Welsh posted on Twitter, “Dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). Need to write my will today” followed by, “Correction – the weekend after next”. He died October 8th, 2011 from a heart attack in his sleep in a hotel room. In Chicago.