February is for doers. “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

March 24 in History

March 24 in Pop Culture History March 24th is… Day of Achievers Cheesesteak Day Chocolate Covered Raisin Day Cocktail Day Tuberculosis Day 1707 – The Acts of Union 1707 was signed, officially uniting the Kingdoms and parliaments of England and Scotland to create the Kingdom of Great Britain. 1765 – The Kingdom of Great Britain

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“February is the border between winter and spring.” - Terri Guillemets

March 13 In History

March 13 In Pop Culture History March 13th is… Coconut Torte Day Donald Duck Day Earmuff Day Good Samaritan Day National Jewel Day Ken Day K9 Veterans Day Open an Umbrella Indoors Day Workplace Napping Day 1639 – Formerly ‘New College,” Harvard College was renamed after clergyman John Harvard. 1781 – German-born English astronomer William …

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March 12 in History

March 12 in Pop Culture History March 12th is… World Day Against Cyber Censorship Alfred Hitchcock Day Baked Scallops Day Girl Scout Day Plant a Flower Day Working Moms Day 1894 – Coca-Cola bottles were sold to the public for the first time in Vicksburg, Mississippi. 1912 – The Girl Guides (later renamed the Girl …

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March 11 in History

March 11 in Pop Culture History March 11th is… Debunking Day Dream Day National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day Johnny Appleseed Day (also September 26) Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day Plumbing Day Promposal Day National 3-1-1 Day Worship of Tools Day 105 – Ts’ai Lun invented paper, in China. 1818 – Frankenstein, or, The Modern Prometheus by …

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March 10 in History

March 10 in Pop Culture History March 10th is… Bagpipe Day Blueberry Popover Day Festival of Life in the Cracks Day Histotechnology Professionals Day International Day of Awesomeness Landline Telephone Day Mario Day Pack Your Lunch Day Ranch Dressing Day Salvation Army Day Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 1804 – In St. Louis, Missouri, …

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March 9 in History

March 9 in Pop Culture History March 9th is… Amerigo Vespucci Day Bang-Clang Day Barbie Day Crabmeat Day False Teeth Day Get Over it Day Joe Franklin Day Meatball Day Panic Day 1611 – Johannes Fabricius, a Dutch astronomer, discovered sunspots. 1822 – Charles M. Graham of NY was issued the first US Patent (#X03472) …

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March 8 in History

March 8 in Pop Culture History March 8th is… Be Nasty Day Girls Write Now Day Peanut Cluster Day National Proofreading Day International Women’s Day 1618 – Johannes Kepler formulated his Third Law of Planetary Motion. 1669 – Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily, began erupting and, over the next several weeks, killed over …

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March 7 in History

March 7 in Pop Culture History March 7th is… 307 Day (in Wyoming) Be Heard Day Cereal Day Crown of Roast Pork Day National Flapjack Day Plant Power Day 1876 – Alexander Graham Bell received his telephone patent (#174,465). 1897 – Dr. John Kellogg served his patients the world’s first cornflakes at a mental hospital …

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March 6 in History

March 6 in Pop Culture History March 6th is… Alamo Day Dentist’s Day Dress Day Frozen Food Day Oreo Cookie Day White Chocolate Cheesecake Day Silly Putty was introduced as a toy on March 6, 1950 by Peter Hodgson. But it was invented in 1943 by James Wright, who was working for General Electric while …

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March 5 in History

March 5 in Pop Culture History March 5th is… Absinthe Day Cheese Doodle Day Cinco de Marcho National Multiple Personality Day Namesake Day Potty Dance Day Poutine Day Reel Film Day Absinthe is a highly alcoholic spirit made with wormwood, anise, and fennel herbs. It is known for its green color and reputation as a …

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March 4 in History

March 4 in Pop Culture History March 4th is… Benjamin Harrison Day Courageous Follower Day Dance The Waltz Day Game Master Appreciation Day National Grammar Day Holy Experiment Day National Hug a G.I. Day March Forth Marching Band Day World Obesity Day National Pound Cake Day International Scrapbooking Industry Day Snack Day Sons Day Toy …

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