“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” - Sarah Addison Allen

December 6 in Pop Culture History

December 6 in Pop Culture History December 6th is… Miners Day National Gazpacho Day National Microwave Oven Day Mitten Tree Day National Pawnbrokers Day St. Nicholas Day Walt Disney Day National Microwave Day Whether a microwave oven is a part of your day-to-day life or you’ve never owned one before, you can find a way

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"So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way 'Cause nothin' lasts forever, even cold November rain" - Gins N Roses

November 5 in History

November 5 in History November 5th is… Donut (Doughnut) Day II National Love Your Red Hair Day 1530 – St. Felix’s Flood, Netherlands 1605 – Gunpowder Plot – an attempt to blow up English Parliament. Plot discovered and leader Guy Fawkes was tortured and later executed. He was caught with 36 barrels of gunpowder at the House ...
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November 4 in History

November 4 in History November 4th is… Candy Day National Chicken Lady Day 1667 (Earthquake) Shamakhi (now Azerbaijan) estimated 80,000 people killed. 1841 – First wagon train arrived in California. They left Independence, Missouri on May 1, 1841. 1846 – The first U.S. patent (#4,834) for an artificial leg was granted to Benjamin F. Palmer ...
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November 3 in History

November 3 in History November 3rd is… Bison Day Sandwich Day International Stout Day November 3rd is National Sandwich Day! Not coincidentally, it is also the birthday of John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, who is credited with inventing everyone’s favorite one-handed meal when he had his meat brought to him between slices of bread ...
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November 2 in History

November 2 in History November 2nd is… Deviled Egg Day National Ohio Day Pico de gallo Day Traffic Directors Day (on the following Monday, if it falls on a weekend) 1898 – Cheerleading was started at the University of Minnesota with Johnny Campbell leading the crowd in cheering on the football team with “Rah, Rah, ...
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November 1 in History

November 1 in History November 1st is… Autistics Speaking Day Authors’ Day National Biologic Coordinators Day National Brush Day National Calzone Day National Cinnamon Day Cook for Your Pets Day Deep/French Fried Clams Day National Family Literacy Day National Half-Price Halloween Candy Day Vinegar Day National Author’s Day They say that writing is a lonely ...
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October 31 in History

October 31 in History October 31st is… Girl Scout Founder’s Day Halloween Candy Apple Day Caramel Apple Day National Doorbell Day National Knock-Knock Jokes Day National Magic Day 683 – During the second Second Islamic Civil War and the Siege of Mecca, the Kaaba caught fire and burned down. 1517 – Martin Luther posted his ...
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October 30 in History

October 30 in History October 30th is… Candy Corn Day Devil’s Night Haunted Refrigerator (Night) Mischief Night National Publicist Day National Speak Up for Service Day The night before Halloween (October 30) has long been referred to as either Devil’s Night or Mischief Night. It has been referenced for many years as a night where ...
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October 29 in History

October 29 in History October 29th is… National Cat Day National Hermit Day Oatmeal Day Pit Bull Awareness Day World Stroke Day National Cat Day Everyone knows that the internet is obsessed with cats!  We adore looking at their adorable fuzzy little faces and seriously, who doesn’t love watching funny cat videos?  Cats have completely ...
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October 28 in History

October 28 in History October 28th is… Chocolate Day National First Responders Day National Internal Medicine Day Plush Animal Lovers Day 1420 – Beijing became the officially designated the capital of the Ming dynasty in the same year that the Forbidden City, the seat of government, was completed. 1492 – Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba. 1636 ...
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October 27 in History

October 27 in History October 27th is… National American Beer Day Black Cat Day National Civics Day Navy Day 312 – Constantine the Great saw the Vision of the Cross. “In this sign, you shall conquer” 1275 – Amsterdam, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was founded. 1904 – The first underground New York City ...
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