“All things seem possible in May.” — Edwin Way Teale

May 30 in History

May 30 in Pop Culture History May 30th is… Loomis Day Creativity Day Hole In My Bucket Day Mint Julep Day Water a Flower Day World Multiple Sclerosis Day 1431 – At Rouen, Normandy, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for heresy. 1631 – Gazette de France, the first French newspaper, began publication.

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“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” — William Shakespeare

April 30 in History

April 30 in Pop Culture History April 30th is… Adopt a Shelter Pet Day Animal Advocacy Day Bubble Tea Day Bugs Bunny Day Day of The Child Hairstyle Appreciation Day Honesty Day Jazz Day Military Brats Day Mr. Potato Head Day Oatmeal Cookie Day PrepareAthon! Day (Also September 30) Raisin Day National Sarcoidosis Day 1789 …

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April 29 in History

April 29 in Pop Culture History April 29th is… International Dance Day Peace Rose Day Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare Shrimp Scampi Day Viral Video Day We Jump The World Day World Wish Day Zipper Day 1429 – 17-year-old Joan of Arc arrived to relieve the Siege of Orléans. 1864 – …

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April 28 in History

April 28 in Pop Culture History April 28th is… Biological Clock Day Blueberry Pie Day BraveHearts Day Clean Comedy Day Cubicle Day Kiss Your Mate Day Pay It Forward Day Great Poetry Reading Day Superhero Day Workers’ Memorial Day World Day For Safety and Health At Work 1789 – The HMS Bounty was taken over …

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April 27 in History

April 27 in Pop Culture History April 27th is… National Gummi Bear Day Babe Ruth Day International Design Day (IDD) Devil Dog Day Love Your Thighs Day Marine Mammal Rescue Day Morse Code Day Prime Rib Day Tapir Day Teach Your Children To Save Day Tell a Story Day 4977 BC – The Universe was …

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April 26 in History

April 26 in Pop Culture History April 26th is… Alien Day Audubon Day Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day Denim Day Dissertation Day Get Organized Day Help a Horse Day Hug A Friend Day Intellectual Property (IP) Day Kids and Pets Day Pretzel Day Richter Scale Day Static Cling Day 662 (Earthquake) Iran 1278 – Imprisoned for …

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April 25 in History

April 25 in Pop Culture History April 25th is… Anzac Day Crayola Day DNA Day East Meets West Day Financial Independence Awareness Day Hairstylists Appreciation Day Hug a Plumber Day Malaria Day Mani-Pedi Day Penguin Day Red Hat Society Day Telephone Day Zucchini Bread Day 1644 – The Chongzhen Emperor, the last Emperor of Ming …

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April 24 in History

April 24 in Pop Culture History April 24th is… Lab Animal Day Pigs in a Blanket Day Meningitis Day New Kids on the Block Day Day of Remembrance of Man’s Inhumanity to Man 1184 BC – The fall of Troy (with the Trojan Horse) took place, according to tradition. 1704 – The first regular newspaper …

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April 23 in History

April 23 in Pop Culture History April 23rd is… Cherry Cheesecake Day Creator Day English Language Day German Beer Day Impossible Astronaut Day Lost Dogs Awareness Day Nose Picking Day Laboratory Day Lover’s Day Movie Theatre Day Picnic Day St. George’s Day Spanish Language Day Take a Chance Day Talk Like Shakespeare Day World Book …

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April 22 in History

April 22 in Pop Culture History April 22nd is… April Showers Day Earth Day Girl Scout Leader’s Day In God We Trust Day Jelly Bean Day 1056 – First seen the naked eye last saw July 2, 1054, the supernova in the Crab nebula. 1519 – Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés established a settlement at Veracruz, …

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April 21 in History

April 21 in Pop Culture History April 21st is… Big Word Day Bulldogs are Beautiful Day Chocolate Covered Cashews Day Creativity and Innovation Day Kindergarten Day National Rendering Day San Jacinto Day Tea Day (UK) Thank You For Libraries Day Tuna Rights Day Yellow Bat Day 753 BC – Romulus and his twin brother Remus …

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