Happy National Sangria Day! (December 20th)

(PCM) December 20th is National Sangria Day. We’re not really sure why, other than “because the internet says so,” but hey – if you’ve made it this far into December, then cheers! Who needs a better reason to celebrate?

Sangria (from the Spanish word for blood. Yum?) is a deep red cocktail or wine punch that includes a mixture of wine (usually an inexpensive red), fruit, sweeteners, other alcohol such as brandy or liqueurs, and various herbs and spices. The exact mixture depends on whatever recipe you find, or your mixologist’s whim. Sangria probably has ancient roots; though it originated in Spain it was introduced to the Americas in the 1800s, where it has become widely popular.

Sangria makes a great holiday gift, and not just because it’s loosely defined and thus easy to make – stored and chilled in a fancy container, it’s also festively lovely and fun to share! So grab your favorite toasting buddy and wish them a Happy Sangria Day!

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