September 21 in History

September 21 in History

September 21st is…
National Chai Day
International day of Peace
National New York Day
Pecan Cookie Day

Now called The International Day of Peace, World Peace Day was established in about 1997.  The idea of the day is for individuals to do what they can to obtain world peace.

It is interesting to think of how our prejudices get in the way of peace.  I am reminded of the story of Saint Francis of Assisi, who feared and loathed lepers.  This was not unreasonable, as lepers could pass on the disease and make whole regions or families sick.  One day Francis was walking down a very narrow alley, and a leper was coming toward him.  Francis felt that God had led him to this spot to confront his fears and prejudices.  Francis went forward and embraced the leper.

Maybe on World Peace Day, it would be good to examine our hearts and find out who repels us as much as the lepers repelled Francis.  When we discover who that might be we go and embrace them.

1776 – Nathan Hale was captured by the British and accused of spying.

1897 – The New York Sun published its editorial – Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

1915 – Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge for his wife for £6,600 as a gift. He donated to the UK in 1918 because she didn’t like it. His wife, Mary Chubb, wanted curtains.

1937 – J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit was published

1938 – Great Hurricane of 1938, New England Coast

1948 – Texaco Star Theater with Milton ‘Uncle Miltie’ Berle premieres on NBC.

1957 – Perry Mason, starring Raymond Burr, premiered on CBS.

#1 Hit September 21, 1959 – October 4, 1959: Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk

#1 Hit September 21, 1963 – October 11, 1963: Bobby Vinton – Blue Velvet

#1 Hit September 21, 1968 – September 27, 1968: Jeannie C. Riley – Harper Valley P.T.A.

1969 – Steve O’Neal of the New York Jets kicked the first 98-yard punt against the Denver Broncos.

1970 – The first game of NFL Monday Night Football was played between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. Cleveland won 31-21.

#1 Hit September 21, 1974 – September 27, 1974: Barry White – Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe

#1 Hit September 21, 1985 – October 11, 1985: Dire Straits – Money for Nothing

 #1 Hit September 21, 1991 – October 4, 1991: Color Me Badd – I Adore Mi Amor

1996 – John F. Kennedy, Jr. married Carolyn Bessette.

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