September 23 in Pop Culture History

23September 23 in Pop Culture History

1551 (Tornado) Grand Harbour at Valletta, Malta
1642 – Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusettes, had its first graduating class.
1846 – German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.
1913 – Mark Sennet presented the first Keystone Cops film, although some say it was Hoffmeyer’s Legacy, in 1912.
1938 – A time capsule, to be opened in 6939, was buried at World’s Fair in NYC.
1955 – When James Dean first met Alec Guinness (Ben Kenobi) he asked him to take a look at his brand new Porsche Spyder. Guinness told Dean: “If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.” This encounter took place on September 23, seven days before Dean’s death.
1957 – The first movie (1953) to become a TV series was How to Marry a Millionaire. It was syndicated and not on a regular network.
1962- The Jetsons cartoon debuted on ABC – ABC’s first full-color program.
1967 – #1 Hit September 23, 1967 – October 20, 1967: Box TopsThe Letter
1972 – #1 Hit September 23, 1972 – October 13, 1972: Mac DavisBaby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me
1979 – Archie Bunker’s Place debuted on CBS
1986 – The U.S. Congress voted the rose the official flower of the US..
1988 – Jose Canseco became baseball’s first player to steal 40 bases & hit 40 Home Runs in a season. He later admitted to using steroids.
1989 – #1 Hit September 23, 1989 – October 6, 1989: Milli VanilliGirl I’m Gonna Miss You
1992- Mad About You premiered on NBC.
2003 – NCIS premiered on CBS
2003 – One Tree Hill debuted on The WB
2007 – During the 2007 baseball season, the Los Angeles Dodgers added an infielder named Chin-Lung Hu. After Hu singled in his third at-bat in a game on September 23, Dodgers announcer Vin Scully said, “Shades of Abbott and Costello, I can finally say, ‘Hu is on first base.'”
2009 – Modern Family premiered on ABC