Women In The Garden By Claude Monet

Women In The Garden was painted by French impressionist painter Claude Monet in 1866. It is a large work and the size of the canvas necessitated Monet painting its upper half with the canvas lowered into a trench he had dug, so that he could maintain a single point of view for the entire work. The setting is the garden of a property he was renting. His companion Camille Doncieux  posed for the figures. Doncieux was Monet’s model, mistress, and later his wife. At the time, Monet was extremely impoverished. He copied the various dresses from fashion plates as he couldn’t afford to dress and re-dress his model.Monet finished the work indoors, and used magazine illustrations to render fashionable clothing.

The painting is one of Monet’s earlier works, done at a time when Impressionistic painting was not held in high regard by the art community in Paris. While many criticize that Monet’s style was not yet refined in this painting it is still a well-regarded piece by the Musee d’Orsay, where it currently resides.


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