April 5 in History

April 5 in Pop Culture History

April 5th is…
Bell Bottoms Day
Caramel Day
Dandelion Day
Deep Dish Pizza Day
First Contact Day
Flash Drive Day
Go for Broke Day
Gold Star Spouses Day
Raisin and Spice Bar Day
Read a Road Map Day

1614 – In Virginia, Native American Pocahontas married English colonist John Rolfe.

1722 – On Easter Sunday, Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen discovered a Polynesian Island 1400 miles from the coast of South America and named it Easter Island.

1753 – The British Museum was founded with the purchase of the 50,000-volume library of Sir Hans Sloane and his collection of 69,352 items of nature and art.

1922 – The American Birth Control League, the forerunner of Planned Parenthood, was incorporated.

1923 – Firestone Tire and Rubber Company began production of balloon-type tires.

1933 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102, “forbidding the Hoarding of Gold Coin, Gold Bullion, and Gold Certificates” by U.S. citizens.

1936 (Tornado) Tupelo, Mississippi

1949 – Fireside Theater debuted on NBC.

1975 – #1 Hit April 5, 1975 – April 11, 1975: Minnie Riperton – Lovin’ You

1987 – FOX debuted two shows, Married… with Children and The Tracey Ullman Show.

1991 – Katie Couric was designated a co-host of the Today Show.

1994 – Lead Singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, committed suicide and was found three days later. #27club

1996 – A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and Primal Fear were released in theaters.

1997 – The Crocodile Hunter premiered on Animal Planet

2002 – National Lampoon’s Van Wilder debuted in theaters.

2006 – The first case of H5N1 avian flu was confirmed in the UK after tests on a dead swan found in Cellardyke, Fife.

2008 – #1 Hit April 5, 2008 – April 11, 2008: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love

2012 – Scandal premiered on ABC

2013 – Penn & Teller were honored with the 2,494th star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their achievement in the category of Live Performance.

2013 – Evil Dead was released in theaters.

2063 – (fictional) In Star Trek lore, Zefram Cochrane made the first human warp flight with the Phoenix. This attracted the Vulcans and they made first contact with humans.

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