August 21 in History

August 21 in History

August 21st is…
National Brazilian Blowout Day
National Senior Citizens Day
Spumoni Day
Sweet Tea Day

1883 – An F5 tornado struck Rochester, Minnesota, leading to the creation of the Mayo Clinic.

1888 – William Seward Burroughs patented the first practical adding machine in the United States (#’s 388,116-388,119).

1911 – The Mona Lisa was stolen by a Louvre employee, Vincenzo Peruggia. It was returned in 1913.

1919 – Pearl Harbor Dry Dock officially opened.

1957 – The Soviet Union successfully conducted a long-range test flight of the R-7 Semyorka, the first intercontinental ballistic missile.

1959 – Hawaii becomes the 50th state

1961 – Motown released what would be its first #1 hit, “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes.

1979 – Soviet dancer Alexander Godunov defected to the United States.

1983 – La Cage aux Folles (Broadway Musical) Opened on August 21, 1983 and closed on November 15, 1987

1992 – Ruby Ridge was the site of a deadly confrontation and siege in northern Idaho in 1992 between Randy Weaver, his family and his friend Kevin Harris, and agents of the United States Marshals Service (USMS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). It resulted in the death of Weaver’s son Sammy, his wife Vicki, and Deputy U.S. Marshal William Francis Degan.

1994- HBO aired a concert special featuring Barbara Streisand, and it was her first public concert in 27 years.

#1 Hit August 21, 2004 – September 10, 2004: Terror Squad – Lean Back

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