Occult Day is November 18

This is the day that celebrates anything unnatural, or supernatural. 
November 18 is Occult Day.

Though there is no specific origin to the celebration of Occult Day, it is not hard to understand why a day such as this would exist.  Our fascination with witches goes far back as Hansel and Gretel and as recent as Bewitched and Harry Potter.  We all wonder if there is world out there that remains unseen yet is as real as our own, and with power that can be obtained.

Witchcraft and wizardry can easily be traced back to philosophy, and is possible our earliest form of science.  Alchemy, or the desire to turn ordinary metals into gold, was quite probably the first area in which the supernatural was studied.  Now witch craft, astrology, numerology, the Ouija Board, Tarot cards and other forms of fortune telling are tied into the occult.

Here in America we have our history of witch trials.  In particularly are the trials that were held in Salem Massachusetts in the early 1690’s.  Many of the towns people were tried convicted and executed as witches.  This is now known as a gross miscarriage of justice and yet at the same time Salem has become a place of pilgrimage for many practicing the occult 

How to celebrate this day is easy.  Go have your palm read or your fortune told.  Or have a Harry Potter Movie marathon.  Read your horoscope all of which would acknowledge the weird world of the occult.