September 14 in Pop Culture History

September 14 in Pop Culture History

1752 – Yesterday was September 2nd, in Great Britain and the American Colonies, but with the switchover from the Julian to Gregorian calendar, it became September 14 in all of western civilization.

1814 – Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner which later became the United States’ national anthem.

1868 – Tom Morris, at Prestwick’s 8th hole, was credited with Golf’s 1st recorded hole-in-one.

1901 – The first bodybuilding contest was held in Royal Albert Hall, London.

1940 – Congress passed the Selective Service Act, providing for the first peacetime draft in United States’ history. Unofficially, they were prepping for joining WW II.

1957 – #1 Hit September 14, 1957 – September 27, 1957: Paul AnkaDiana

1965 – My Mother The Car debuted on NBC. It was the first universally panned “bad” TV show.

1975 – Mother Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton (1774-1821) was canonized by Pope Paul VI. The first American saint, she founded the U.S. branch of the Sisters of Charity in 1809.

1974 – #1 Hit September 14, 1974 – September 20, 1974: Eric ClaptonI Shot the Sheriff

1977 – A tube top-clad woman named Yolanda Bowsley was called into Contestant’s Row on The Price is Right, and while running down her breast popped out of her shirt.

1978 – Mork and Mindy premiered on ABC

1981- Entertainment Tonight debuted.

1984 – Bette Midler & Dan Aykroyd hosted the first VMAs (Video Music Awards) on MTV. Younger visitors may be interested to know that at one time, MTV was a 24-hour music video channel.s

1985 – The Golden Girls premiered on NBC

1985 – The Care Bears premiered, in syndication

1987 – Cal Ripken’s streak of playing MLB Baseball for 8,243 consecutive innings (over 900 games) ended. The record still stands today.

1987 – The heaviest single issue of a newspaper was today’s (September 14, 1987)  edition of the Sunday New York Times, which weighed more than 5.4kg (12lb) and contained 1,612 individual pages.

1991 – #1 Hit September 14, 1991 – September 20, 1991: Paula AbdulThe Promise of a New Day

1994 – MLB Acting commissioner Bud Selig announced the cancellation of the 1994 baseball season on the 34th day of a strike by players. Some say Baseball still hasn’t recovered from this lost season.

2006 – The 39 Steps (East End Play) Opened on September 14, 2006 and Closed: September 5, 2015

2013 – #1 Hit September 14, 2013 – September 27, 2013: Katy PerryRoar